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Being 100% truthful here. I'm not the spender in the relationship. Most of the time I will go without in order to save a little coin. My husband, however believes if you are going to spend money then buy the best. We balance each other out. Things I'm loving right now include some freebies. It's a must. Let me know things you are loving right now too.

Jabra 75t Elite

For the longest time, I had earbuds with a cord connecting the two earbuds. Whenever I would workout, the cord would get caught on the back of my neck. It was awkward and uncomfortable.

This Christmas, I asked for a new set of wireless earbuds. My husband, who is a gadget guru, decided to get me the best. Whoa! He picked out a doozy. These earbuds are amazing. My favorite feature so far is the option to have hear-through on or off. If I need to hear the kids while I’m working out, I can. If I go for a walk on a breezy day the noise canceling is amazing. I don’t have to turn the volume up all the way to counter the ambient noise of trucks passing and wind swirling around my head.

If you are looking for new earbuds, these are worth the investment.


Kevin and I decided to start listening to a podcast. We listen to it on our own. Later on, we discuss the podcast. We have been listening to the backlist of Dreaming Big with Bob Goff.

Grant it, Bob does repeat himself a lot during these podcasts, but some people need repetition. I get it. For the most part, it seems like these super successful people have the same insecurities we all possess. They just know how to work through them to reach their goals.

Throughout our marriage, we have reached several crossroads. Choosing one direction over another affected where we are today. We can sense another crossroad on the horizon, and we are taking action to make the decision a positive one for our family.

If you have a dream, listen to Dreaming Big.


Recently we ditched cable and bought a Roku and a modem. I’ll have to give you my thoughts on that when we’ve had it a bit longer.

As a result, I’ve been on the lookout for new channels to follow.

Since I’m a huge book lover, I've been watching PeruseProject. Regan recommends, reviews, and vlogs about books. She mostly focuses on fantasy and sci-fi, but lately she has been branching out to historical fiction and nonfiction sprinkled with a touch of contemporary fiction. If you want book recommendations, check this channel out.

One channel new to me is Rachel Maksy. She explores vintage style, cosplay, and different makeup and hairstyles. I’m not a cosplay kinda gal, but I thoroughly enjoy the vintage themed videos.

As far as art channels, I watch the same ones listed before but have added a few that I love. Frannerd and Leigh Ellexson are down to earth. You feel like the artist's journey is ever-changing but attainable while watching their channels.


I always feel guilty about eating. My metabolism is comparable to giant tortoises. As a result, I like to find snacks that are good for me or at least not going to make regret what I just put in my mouth. Pop Corners white cheddar chips are the best. They aren’t fried which is fantastic, and they taste great. Bonus!

Art Supplies

Windsor and Newton have a travel size watercolor set that's the cutest thing. I've been doing mixed media recently, and this set is perfect for what I need. It blends beautifully. If I ever get up the nerve to paint outside of my house, it’s the perfect on the go size.

I also bought a Master's Touch black paper sketchbook. I’m in love. I might fill this notebook in record time. It’s not great for watercolor painting or colored pencils. But what it lacks in that department it makes up for with gel pens and certain colors of gauche. Whoa!

Have you found anything recently that has changed your life or you can’t live without? Let me know.

Have a great week,


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