Going to Disney With Kids

This year was the first time our kiddos went to Disney World. They loved it! We’ve been three times this year. Since we have a season pass, we plan on going back at least two more times. Shhh! Don’t tell the kids. It’s a surprise. We are going for each of their birthdays.

Going to Disney with kids for the first time was an experience. We learned some valuable insight that helped us on the second and third trips.

Use the Disney App
The app was a huge lifesaver. It allows you to schedule fast passes, order food so you don’t have to wait in line, and see the wait times for rides and attractions. The map was also extremely helpful.

Fast Passes Are Your Friend
We used the app to schedule fast pass times. You are only allowed three per person per day. (Not per park) For the best times, reserve one month in advance. The Buzz Lightyear ride was broke when we were there in March. Since we had a fast pass for it, we could use the Buzz fast pass for any other ride we chose. It was great.

Check Your Souvenirs
At Magic Kingdom, they offer a service for items you purchase. You can check them and pick them up on the way out of the park. We didn’t want to lug around our items, and we didn’t want to worry about them in the stroller while we were in line for a ride. Most people don't take advantage of this service. We loved it.

Collapse Your Stroller
If you need a stroller for your little ones, make sure it collapses easily. While riding the trams, buses, ferry, and train, your stroller must collapse and fit in a narrow seat. The easier it is to fold down, the easier your trip will be.

Order Food on the App
My sister and I waited for over 30 minutes to order and get our food at one of Magic Kingdoms’ restaurants. The line for the pre-order was empty. Very few people use the ordering option on the app. Be smart. Be one of those people that don’t have to wait in line. For the rest of the trip, we pre-ordered all of our food. When children are hungry and tired, it’s a lifesaver.

Ponchos, Please
Buy ponchos ahead of time and place them in the bag you bring to the park. Disney does sell ponchos at all of their shops, but they are a little pricey. Orlando is in a subtropical area. It is bound to rain at least once, especially during the raining season.

See Characters at the Parks
We decided to do a character breakfast one morning. That was our first and last time. We saw Goofy and Pluto for two minutes and paid over $100 for our ordinary breakfast. We also scheduled a lunch at Hollywood Studios with characters. When I found out it was $53 per person, I quickly canceled. We used fast passes to met Mickey and Minnie instead. The rest of the character lines were not long at all. Save your dinero and see the characters at the parks.

Bring Water
If you have a freezer in your hotel, freeze a water bottle for each person. Water is expensive in the parks, so bring your own.

Seeing the smiles on each of their faces was worth all the planning and saving. Disney is a wonderful place to take the family. If you aren’t the planning type, then use the complementary planning service Disney offers.

Have a magical time.

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