Unique Valentine's for Kids

If we can make Valentine's Day cards instead of buying them, then that's what we'll do. For the last two years my oldest son has taken Star Wars Valentine's to school. I asked if he wanted to make this year three for three, and he gave a resounding no.

Javen is a budding artist, so I suggested he draw a Valentine card for his classmates. His world is consumed with Transformers at the moment. We worked on the drawing together and he colored it. Afterward, I scanned it into the computer and used PicMonkey to add the text. We printed enough copies for his class, and he wrote everyone's name on the cards.

With a little creativity and a little time, he had unique Valentine's Day Cards.

Another great idea is a stamped Valentine. Use paint and an empty toilet paper roll to make a custom Valentine's Day Card.

Still needing inspiration? Make paper and pipe cleaner flowers. Give a bunch to a special Valentine or one flower for each classmate. Attach a note to the flowers or make a vase from paper and a tin can.

I hope you have a lovely and unique Valentine's Day.


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