Book Review: Messanger

So far I've read three of the four books in The Giver quartet. I'll admit that the second book threw me for a loop. It has nothing to do with the first book in the series, but I trusted the author to make a connection.

The third book in The Giver series by Lois Lowry is Messenger. It follows closely behind Gathering Blue. Matty is a little older and a little less rambunctious in this book. He's had a rough childhood, but seems to have found a place to call home with the Seer. Life in Village starts to change from when he first arrived. The population of his new town no longer wants outsiders. They no longer show care and concern for one another. Matty doesn't like the changes, but cannot understand them either.

Jonas from the first book reappears as the leader of Village. He has an extraordinary power, and helps Matty realize his power as well. The three books intermingle in the Messenger. As with every Lois Lowry book I've read, I was turning each page in anticipation of the next.

Let me know your thoughts about the Messenger. Did you love the book?

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