Recipes: Pinned and Approved 3

My love affair with food ended when my cholesterol went through the roof. Unfortunately my taste buds still think that food should taste good despite the need for a healthy lifestyle. However, I have combed the internet (just Pinterest) and found some pretty tasty and healthy recipes. Here are a few of my pinned and approved.

Dining with Alice has transformed the way we think about butternut squash. This recipe is a delicious crock pot keeper and great as a main dish or a side.
It doesn't matter how healthy you want to be. There are some days you want CREAM! For a taste bud defying recipe, give this one from Pomegranate Days a try.

I have to admit that we changed one main ingredient in this recipe from D*mn Delicious. Instead of black beans we use pinto beans. It taste pretty good, but you can try it either way. Let me know what you think. 

We enjoy breads as a breakfast option in the Whitaker household. Banana and pumpkin are always on the menu, but we have added a new recipe from Averie Cooks. Sweet Potato Bread is amazing. They should sell it on every street corner of the world. 

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