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Finding recipes on Pinterest isn't a problem. Finding recipes that taste good is a different story. I've tried and pinned so many that my board is looks like a recipe book. Here are few of my favorites. I'd love to hear if you have a favorite recipe that you found on Pinterest.

The hubby and I have completely revamped our lifestyle. As a result we have added in a few smoothies to the recipe rotation. Whole Yum has a great recipe for a peach smoothie. It's refreshing, and I love that it adds green tea as well.

Is there anything better than cheesy bread? Nope! This is one of the kids' favorite recipes. You can add lean chicken or pepperonis and make this recipe from Crunchy Creamy Sweet a one dish dinner.

We seldom have cake at our house, but when we do it's limoncello lemon cake from Liv Life. It pairs beautifully with a hot cup of tea or coffee. It's a pretty cake and would be perfect served for brunch or at a summer picnic. 

Homemade hamburgers are a big deal at our house. Sometimes we want to change it up a bit. To get the kids interested in patty melts, we call these beauties hamburgers on sandwich bread. Sara's Home Life recipe is perfect for a fast and kid friendly dinner. We add thousand island to the grown up version. Delish!

Hello fast, easy, and tasty. We tried this recipe from The Frugal Girls, and found a winner. I would use less onion than what it calls for in the recipe, but that's because I'm not a huge onion fan. For the kiddos, put the sloppy joe in a hot dog bun and sprinkle with cheese. It's easier for their little hands to hold, and they are more likely to eat something that looks like a hot dog. I added a dollop of Greek yogurt to my open faced sloppy joe, and it was great.

What recipes have you found on Pinterest that are worth sharing? Follow me on Pinterest for more fantastic ideas.

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