Attitude Adjustment

I did an experiment on the family a few weeks ago. No need to call the authorities. It was an attitude experiment.

Lately, I noticed that my fuse has been short with the kids. Whenever I'm upset, my husband is easily upset as well. 

One night when giving the kids a bath, they began splashing water and got my shirt pretty wet. Usually I would scold them and tell them to keep the water in the bathtub. 

Instead I paused. I could see all four sets of eyes staring at me. How would I react? 

I slowly formed a grin on my face and told my children that it wasn't time for my bath. In a light-hearted way, I told them not to splash me. My husband had a smile on his face, and the children did as well. 

Do I set the tone for the entire family? 

Whenever I eat healthy so does my husband. If I exercise, he will too. When I give compliments, my children speak kind words to one another. 

The man may be the head of the house, but I'm the barometer. Whether I like it or not my house looks to me to be the example of moodiness or nerves of steal. 

This may not seem fair for such emotional creatures to have such responsibility, but we were made for it. At an early age we should be taught how to manage our emotions. After all, we have crazy hormones every month, and we don't kill anyone who looks at us the wrong way. 

Setting the attitude bar in our home is an aspect we have control over. There are so many factors in the world that we cannot control. The attitude we allow in our home is something we can keep in check. 

The next time I notice a bad mood or people needing an attitude adjustment, I will look at myself first. Am I projecting love, kindness, and positive thoughts? If not, I can change. I am the attitude barometer.

What are your thoughts? Have you noticed similar responses to your attitude in your home?


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