Powder Bath Makeover

Having a powder bath on the first floor has been one of the most convenient things in our home. The only problem is there is no natural light and the paint was a peachy flesh color. Not that flattering. 



We painted the powder bath a fabulous grey, added a new light, and a new mirror. 

We lowered the towel rack so little ones can reach it. We also put it closer to the sink so it didn't become the focal point when you opened the door. 

We had to keep the yellow smiley face. My bestie loves it. 

The light is halogen and extremely bright. You can now see if your hands are clean when you wash them. I love the sleek, modern, cube look. 

We wanted to put a frame around the mirror, but it would have to be a custom job. It would have cost too much or taken us too long to do. I found a mirror on OfferUp and paid $15. After a couple coats of black spray paint, the mirror was ready to go.

It took up a couple of days, and we are so pleased with the results. Do you have a project you are currently working on? Share it with us in the comments.

Happy Decorating,


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