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If you hate the idea of updating your resume or are in the market for a job, you need to meet the gals at Red Letter Resumes. The idea of job hunting can send some people into a tailspin, and this is where Kelly and Kristi come to the rescue. You will love the advice and tips they give on branding and running a small business. They are also offering a discount for my readers!

Tell us a little about you and your small business.

We are sisters who decided to pool our expertise, one in marketing and resumes and the other in recruiting and HR, to start a small business online. We want to help people brand themselves and get the job they want rather than the ones they are getting and are not happy with.

Why did you decide to start a business?

We wanted to be our own bosses. This was an avenue to do that and help people along the way. We know that there is a need out there, and we've seen the mistakes people make first hand. We've also witnessed other people providing these services that were not serving the best interests of their clients. We knew we could do something substantially better than them. That was our way into the market. 

What is the best and worst thing about owning a business?

The best things are making our own hours, setting our own goals, and knowing the quality and outcomes are in our hands. We don't have to count on someone else. We are driving the ship, so to speak.

The worst part can also be the same side of that concept. At the end of the day, everything falls on us and if something isn't working we can only look to ourselves to figure out why and how to fix it.

How do resumes help with a personal brand?

Your resume is your first impression with a company. It is your personal brand in the eyes of a potential employer or recruiter. If you are not making the best impression right off the bat, highlighting why you are valuable and can really achieve in their minds, you are not going to even get in for an interview. 

A lot of people are making awful mistakes and not projecting themselves in the best possible way. They are either unsure of how to do it, don't want to brag, or they are relying on a job description to sell themselves. That just doesn't work in the job market now. It is a lot more cutthroat and requires more branding of people to get to the next level, to reach the opportunities that they are seeking. 

Resumes are something that isn't taught in school. People don't know how to approach them, what is appropriate, and what the industry standards are. That makes achievements in the business world difficult. We see this as a problem for people and an opportunity to correct the problem.  We spend so much time at work. We want people to get the jobs that they desire and can truly achieve in, which ultimately leads to a better work-life balance.

As a small business owner, what is one thing you cannot live without?

Twitter, because it puts us in direct contact with the people in your industry and our potential clients. We know immediately what is working and what isn't, and we can get that instant feedback unlike other avenues of advertising or connection.

Any advice for someone wanting to start her own business?

Do your research! Figure out who you are going after/targeting and how to best reach them. Don't just go into something blindly. Make sure there is a market for your idea and that you are providing something that people actually need or believe they need. 

Any tips on how to project our personal brand to potential clients?

Make it clear what value you add to their lives or what problem you solve. People need you to clearly articulate why they should take money out of their pocket and spend it with you. 

Thank you Kelly and Kristi for sharing these amazing tips and a glimpse into your small business! If you are interested in their services, use the code amanda10 for a 10% discount through the month of September.


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