3 Reasons Local Businesses Need a Global Social Media Following

One of my husband's friends and I were talking about social media the other day. He wanted to know about Twitter and how to get local followers. He wasn't interested in gaining national or international businesses as followers since he operates a local firm.

This made me stop and think. Why would a local business not want a global social media presence? Projecting your influence over social media is important for local and international businesses alike.

Here are three reasons why every locally based business should have a worldwide influence.

1. Opportunity
Limiting your business to your community deprives you of larger business opportunities. For example, you are a local party planner, and you want to find ways to make your business global. Having a large social media presence filled with international followers allows you to become a major influence. You can post pictures of your parties and links to your DIY videos on making party favors. All of this could lead to a book deal, a contributor to a national magazine, or even a show on HGTV. Putting your local business in front of the right people can lead to international success.

2. Industry Authority
Social media allows you to present yourself as a leading authority in your industry. Producing quality products and services will grab people's attention. For instance, you own a local furniture refurbishing shop, and you are looking to expand your business. You would need to take quality pictures of your projects, write outstanding content on your business blog, and host events at your shop.

All of this work should be shared on social media. It shows that you are a major player in the world of furniture. Book deals, design consultations, and home and garden shows should be knocking down your door because of all the followers you have on social media. Publishers and conventions love someone who is an authority on a specific subject with a massive following.

3. Destination
Make your business a destination. Let's say you are a real estate agent, and you have a huge following on social media. One of those followers could be an overseas investor looking to buy in your area. Having a contact in an area where someone wants to purchase is a big deal. Use social media to bring customers to you. Not every business can go global, but there are aspects of the business that can.

Every business whether local or international should have a global social media presence. It's a great way to expand your business, and open the door to opportunities that would otherwise limit you.


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