A Photo Shoot With a Cloud

Photoshop isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a photo shoot. I think of making props and setting the scene with actual items. That might not be the easiest way, but it looks genuine. It looks lifelike.

My husband’s employer had a competition to promote the company. CloudAction sent each employee a t-shirt, and he had to take a photo with the t-shirt.

I instantly thought of making a cloud. I would hang light bulbs behind it to look like the cloud was raining ideas.

The cloud is made out of a white wire hanger, two white styrofoam balls, and white pillow stuffing.
I cut the wire hanger and pushed it through the two white styrofoam balls. 

Afterward, I bent the ends of the wire hanger to form a loop.

The cloud took about half of the bag of stuffing. I attached the stuffing to the styrofoam balls with straight pins.

We looped fishing line onto the loops of the wire hanger and hung it from the ceiling.
For the light bulbs, we looped fishing line around the top, and hung them from the ceiling behind the cloud.

I took several different photos of Kevin, and the one with him holding the cloud looked the best. He named the photo “Shaking Out Some New Ideas”.

After we submitted the picture, everyone in his company had the opportunity to vote on each other’s photos. So many of the photos submitted where photo shopped. They looked great, and I didn’t think we had a chance.

The next day we got the results. We won! Everyone loved our authentic photo. Now we have a little extra spending money. I can’t wait for the next photo shoot.


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