Welcome to the Neighborhood Gift Guide

It's the season for packing up all your belongings and moving to your fabulous new house. Summer is the busiest season for moving, and you are bound to have a new neighbor or two to welcome.

I was recently asked what gift would be good for welcoming a family into the neighborhood? A flood of ideas rushed in, and I began to wonder if others might have the same question.

If you are looking for a gift that says, "Hi! I'm your neighbor, and welcome to the neighborhood," then you are looking at the right list. The list for scaring the pants off your new neighbor will be coming around Halloween. Ha!

1. Wreath
Have you seen the amazing wreaths at Southern Wreaths AL? Welcome your new neighbors with something beautiful to don their door.

2. Dish Towel Set
Wrap a dish towel set and wooden spoons with a super cute ribbon, and you have a perfect welcome gift. Everyone uses these items in their kitchen, it's inexpensive, and it looks like you took time to put it together. Amazing!

3. Baked Goods
For those that love to bake, this one is for you. Make a batch of cookies, a cake, or your specialty pie, and place it in a reusable container or basket. Attach a handwritten note with the recipe. Who doesn't love cookies after unloading boxes all day?

4. Gardening
One of the reasons people fall in love with a house is the curb appeal. If a new neighbor's yard looks amazing, then give a little gardening gift. Wrap a pair of gardening gloves around a small potted herb plant with a ribbon and a note. Viola, something useful and beautiful.

5. Movie Gift Set 
After a long day of moving, you want to fall on the couch and relax. Help the neighbor connect his TV and drop off a bucket of popcorn, candy, and a Redbox gift card.

6. A Master Local Guide
Have you been in the neighborhood for a while? Put together a little packet of all the wonderful restaurants, shops, dry cleaners, parks, etc. There are so many places we need to visit once we move, and having a reference guide to the recommended places around town is a great start.

7. Gift Card 
Not everyone is a fan of casseroles, but everyone does love gift cards. Put the spot light on a local restaurant, and give your new neighbor a gift card to your favorite cafe, bistro, or eatery.

Don't be shy. Meet your neighbors and build a community.


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