The Month of Love

Valentine's Day gives sweethearts an excuse to show each other how much they love one another. What if we took the opportunity to show love to others during the month of love? It might be the perfect way to teach our children about love or give a little extra attention to the ones we care about the most.

Here are 10 ideas for showing love to those around us. 

1. Write a hand written note to your best friend and mail it. 
2. Go on a family date. Your children will learn how a lady is to be treated and how gentlemen conduct themselves. It's a great excuse to have chocolate for dessert. 
3. Pay for the person's coffee behind you in the drive thru. 
4. Pass out little Valentine's Day cards at a nursing home, senior center, or assisted living. 
5. Place a Valentine's Day card in your child's lunchbox. 
6. Send flowers to a friend or neighbor from the family.  
7. Help your child make a small Valentine's Day gift for his teacher. 
8. Make a delectable treat and share with your coworkers.
9. Throw a Valentine's Day party
10. Write letters to your children telling them why they are special and why you love them so much. 

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays because my husband spoils me. Maybe I should use this month of love as an excuse to spoil others as well. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


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