Making Life Easier: The Nightly Routine

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As I get older the more I realize how little I know. I also realize how much I know, but don't put into practice. With three children ages six and under, a freelance writing business, wife to a wonderful hubby, and homemaker, I need to make things easier on myself.

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I've always heard that you need to wake up early before your children to get the most out of every day. Well, guess what! It's few and far between that all three of my children sleep through the night. Usually when the morning people are starting their day, I am getting to the second stage of my sleep cycle. I don't know that REM sleep really exists. This post isn't about my lack of sleep, but trying to make the hours I'm awake less stressful.

Maya Angelou stated, "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." Let's get started with what we can change. 

The Night Before To Do List
1. Pick out and iron my clothes and kids' clothes for the next day
2. Work out and shower
3. Make next day's lunch
4. If frozen, put the next night's dinner in the fridge to thaw.
5. Write (workout and writing nights will alternate)

That's it! We shouldn't load our evenings down with a huge to do list. We'll see how adding these few things to the end of the day routine changes our lives. Will it make it easier? I'm all for less stress in my life, and I bet you are too. What changes will you make to your nightly routine?


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