FitBit Challenges Make Me Crazy

Are you a competitive person? I never thought of myself as super competitive, but that realization was false. My husband gave me a FitZip for Christmas so I can count my steps. After talking to a group of my friends that have FitBits, I mentioned wanting to do a challenge.

The next week, I was invited to a work week hustle challenge. I was energized and ready to start the walking. As the week went on, I found out much of what I do includes standing still. So, I started walking in place while doing tasks. I paced the floor while on the phone, watching tv, and while baby girl's bottle was heating up. All of that walking and my steps were not pushing me far into the lead.

On the last day of the challenge, I was behind and determined to catch up. I walked around the house nonstop. I road my bike, and I checked my status constantly. The challenge was turning me into a crazy person. By the following week, I was in two more challenges. I only won one of the competitions, but I learned a bit more about myself. First, thousands of steps alone are not helping lose weight. Second, I take challenges seriously. 

Do you have a FitBit? Do the challenges turn you into a competitive machine?


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