Are You Done Having Babies?

That new baby smell is addictive. You hold a newborn baby, and the mother instinct starts welling up inside you. You already have a baby, or two, or three, and you wonder if you should have another. There a few ways to decide if you are done having children, or if the stork will again deliver to your house.

You Have That Feeling
After bringing home my second son from the hospital, I knew that I wanted to have another baby. My mother asked if this was our last child, and I responded with a swift no. She informed me that two children is the perfect number and that I should not have any more. I didn't feel like our family was complete yet. I wanted to have another child. Every time I looked at our family portraits, I knew there was a little person missing. You can call it mommy instinct or baby syndrome, but I knew that I wanted another child. 

When my third child was born, I still wanted another baby. However, I didn't have that feeling that someone was missing. After the quick reminder that I will continue my streak of no sleep, I realized that I was ready for the next stage of life. 

You Save Baby Items
After each child, I saved clothing, blankets, bath toys, and everything that could be used for the next baby. I didn't know what the gender of the baby would be, but I saved everything. I had no desire to throw anything away or make room by removing baby items. Mothers who do not want to have any more children start selling or donating baby items as soon as their little ones grow out of it. They know the baby objects will only take up space, and they will not be used again.

You Look Forward to the Next Stage of Raising Children
During the baby years, you are more restricted on traveling, how late you stay out, and having to adhere to the strict schedule of feedings and naps. Once your children get a little older and you are able to venture out of your home once again, you will not miss the newborn smell anymore. If you are looking to go on adventures with your children and not be so restricted, then you are done with having babies. Enjoy each stage of their lives. 

Having a baby is expensive. With the first baby you find out what the hospital bill entails, how much a stroller really cost, and how many diapers a baby goes through. You begin to wonder if you will ever afford to go on a date with your spouse again. I may dramatising just a bit, but you get the picture. Having a child changes everything, and that includes your finances. Consider the life that you want to provide for your children. Will you be able to provide that life with multiple kids in the home? Unfortunately, responsibility must take it's place when deciding on family size. Babies make me happy, but I want to provide for the family I have and build a future for life after child rearing. 

Your baby will bring you so much joy and sleepless nights. Think long and hard, pray for wisdom, and discuss your future with your spouse. Having a baby is a huge decision. 

How did you know that you were done having a babies?


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