The Soft Feet Combo

As a little girl, I never understood why my mother constantly complained about her rough feet. She would tell me, "You just wait. One day you will have to scrap your feet to make them smooth." I thought there was no way I would let my feet get that bad.

Age remembered my words and brought them back to me as an adult. My feet are rough and horrible. Isn't that a lovely picture! This Christmas I asked my husband for an Amope. (They did not sponsor this post) Kevin thought that was a cheesy gift to ask for, but I saw the commercial for the Amope and wanted it. I was so excited, and could not wait to try my new beauty product. 

It only took one use for me to notice a huge difference. I use Curel lotion after using the Amope. If you want soft feet, then I would definitely use the Amope and Curel combination. 


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