Book Review and Activities: Counting Kisses

Counting Kisses by Karen Katz is an adorable book that was given to my baby girl before she was born. It is a great counting book for babies, and the illustrations are bright and colorful. We read to our children before bed, and Counting Kisses is a wonderful way to calm down the baby before bed. It's a great excuse to give the baby kisses and cuddle before the lights are turned out. My baby girl will enjoy this book for years to come.

*Tickle baby before bed. This will help get out some energy before bedtime.
*Dress baby in pajamas before reading this book. Get cozy and snuggle up before the reading begins.
*Turn out most of the lights before cuddling with baby and the book.
*As you read the book, read each page a little softer than the last.
*Put baby to sleep, and hopefully the entire house will get some rest.

Happy Reading!


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