Traditions on Christmas Day

The other day, my friend Alyson and I were chatting about different Christmas traditions. We all grew up around the same time, but our families have different traditions. It's fun to compare and get new ideas for our family.

Traditionally, we open presents on Christmas Eve and then get together with my parents and sister and bro-in-law on Christmas day. Here are a few of the traditions for our two days of Christmas.

Christmas Eve:
Open presents while listening to Christmas Carols
Have a fire
Lay around in our pajamas all day
Have a special but small dinner (Christmas is the feasting day)
Watch a Christmas movie

Christmas Day:
Everyone meets up for lunch. We usually have a traditional Christmas meal and stuff ourselves.
Bake Christmas cookies
Open presents after lunch (we either draw names or do a couple's gift for the adults)
Have a fire
Listen to Christmas Carols
Laugh and have a wonderful time together
Watch the parade
Play Chicken Foot
Have left overs for dinner

It is usually very laid back, and that's how I prefer the holidays. What Christmas Day traditions do you love?

Merry Christmas!


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