The Stages of Laundry

Laundry is one of the most dreaded chores of all time. Granted, we do not have to wash clothing and diapers by hand like some of our grandmothers did, but it is a nemesis that we all face. So, instead of giving step by step instructions on how to wash, dry, fold, and put away your laundry within one hour, I thought I would write down the different stages of laundry that we have all followed at some point in our lives. For some of us this is a weekly occurrence.

1. Look in your closet and dresser and find nothing to wear. 
2. Husband asks where the clean clothes are, and you respond with "I'll wash some today." 
3. Children do not have any seasonal clothing to wear, so you dress them in swimwear and then a coat and boots. 
4. You look for washcloths to wash little hands and faces and there are none in the linen closet and the laundry baskets only contain mismatched socks. 
5. You start noticing all of the dirty clothing on the floor, in the bathroom, and you can not longer see the hamper because the dirty clothes have overtaken it. 
6. You are fed up and decide to lock yourself in the house until all the laundry is washed. 
7. On your third load of laundry you start looking around the laundry room and realize how badly this room has been neglected. 
8. Start researching on Pinterest for quick laundry room make over ideas and storage solutions. 
9. You put another load on and while looking at all the gorgeous laundry rooms online, you accidentally put a red shirt in with your husband's whites and now they are pink. 
9. You bleach all the whites. 
10. You have now picked out your new laundry room and almost faint when you see the price. 
11. While sitting to fold the first load of laundry, you remember that Hobby Lobby has the perfect decor for your laundry room.
12. You leave the laundry on the couch and grab your keys and head out the door.
13. After an afternoon of shopping, you bring back a sign that fits perfectly in your laundry room.  
14. The day is coming to a close, and you start to lay out pajamas for your children and get your clothes ready for the next day. 
15. Then you recall that all the clothes are either wet or unfolded on the couch and in laundry baskets. 16. Everyone is sent to find their own clothing and towels.
16. Your husband asks why some of his undershirts are pink.
17. You give him a look death and show him the new sign hanging up for the laundry room. 
18. Two weeks go by and you are still looking for laundry on the couch and in laundry baskets. You are fed up with digging through clothes and decide to sit down, fold your laundry, and put it away in one afternoon. After all, there's only half of the laundry that you started with two weeks ago. 
19. As different family members pass by, you reach out and grab them. You tell them to take the clean, folded laundry and put it away neatly and their dressers. 
20. You threaten them with an inch of their lives if they drop the clean, folded laundry. 
21. For two days everyone has clean clothes to wear and they can find whatever they need. Everyone has clean towels and clean washcloths. 
22. The next day the laundry fiasco starts all over again.

So, does anyone else do this laundry dance?


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