Red the Donkey

My boys ask me to tell them stories before bed every once in a while. They pick an animal, and I make up a story as I go. Some of the stories turn out okay. When they like a story they ask for the same characters again and again. One of their favorite stories is a donkey named Red.

Since I am a writer, I thought I would write a few of these stories on my blog. I hope your children (and maybe you too) will like them.
Red was a little donkey that lived on Farmer Smith's farm. All the animals on the farm liked Red, and thought his named fit him well. Red loved carrots and would do just about anything for one. 

One day Farmer Smith needed to take Red to another field across the farm. 

"Come on Red! Get in the trailer so I can take you to the south field," Farmer Smith said while patting Red's nose. 

"I will not go. This field is right beside a row of carrots in the garden," Red huffed. He was insistent on staying put, and sat down in the field beside the carrots. 

"Red, these carrots are not for you," the farmer protested. "The south field has more room for you to run and there is a surprise for you as well."

The donkey crinkled his lips and snorted. The farmer had put up with enough nonsense. Red watched the farmer walk to the garden and pull up a fresh, ripe, bright, orange carrot. Red's eyes began to widen and his mouth began to water. 

"A delicious carrot," Red thought to himself. He began to lean forward toward the farmer. His eyes glazed over and he could not think of nothing else. Red had to have the carrot. Farmer Smith threw the carrot into the back of the trailer, and Red scampered after it. As soon as Red was in the trailer, Farmer Smith closed the door.  The little donkey looked behind him, but he didn't care that he had been lured in because he was eating the scrumptious carrot. 

The farmer reached the south field, and unlocked the door to the trailer. "Here is your new home, Red," said Farmer Smith. He turned to see Red sitting in the trailer with a look of disgust on his face. 

"I will not be moved from this trailer," stated the stubborn donkey. 

"You will change your mind when you see what is on the other side of the hill, Red," laughed Farmer Smith. 

"What is it?" asked Red. 

"A hillside full of carrots. I planted some in the field earlier this year. I knew that you would need to move to this field, and I wanted to have something special for your arrival." the farmer said with a smile on his face. 

Without a second thought Red jumped from the trailer and darted up the hill. On the other side of the hill were rows and rows of carrots, and they were all for him.

Red ate three carrots and then turned to the farmer. "Thank you, Farmer Smith!"

Farmer Smith replied, "You're welcome, Red. Enjoy the carrots and your new home."

That night Red slept under the old oak tree in the south field with a belly full of carrots. 

The End


Let me know what you think of this little story. Thanks!

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