Offer Up App - Thrifters Rejoice!

Finding a fabulous deal is my middle name. Well, maybe not my actual name, but it could be. I love the thrill of the hunt, finding a good deal, and haggling to get an even better price.

For the longest time Craigslist and garage sales were the only way to find local items for sale. Now, there is a new app giving thrifters a great way to find items. The app is Offer Up, and it out does Craigslist. 

Here are some of the key features for Offer Up's rising success. 
1. You can message the seller within the app. 
2. You can see the general area where the item is located. This gives the seller peace of mind, and the buyer an idea how far they will need to drive. 
3. It allows you to create a watch list. 
4. Listing items is extremely easy. 
5. The app looks like Pinterest, so you can scroll through quickly to find an item you are looking to buy. 
6. The app allows you to seach by category or type in a search. 

There are a few of down sides. 
1. You can only post one picture for the item you are selling. 
2. Offer Up does not allow you to refresh your listing like Craigslist. 
3. Using the app is easier than the website. 

If you like Craigslist and Garage saling, try Offer Up. You might find a fabulous steal. 

Happy haggling,


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