Day Dreaming of Furniture

Have I mentioned that we are moving? I'm so excited about our new house, but I am not looking forward to the packing and moving. If I could, I would sell my furniture and buy all new furniture to be delivered to our new house. I dream big!

My sister and I went furniture shopping this past weekend, and these are some of the items I would love to have in our new home.

We spotted this TV console from across the showroom, and I instantly loved it. The price tag on this beauty is outrageous, but it gives me inspiration. 

There is something grown up about having a sitting area in your master bedroom. Most of us use it for piles of laundry that need to be folded, but if we wanted to sit down and read a novel this is the love seat for the job. It has a feminine look to it with a neutral color.

We have an olive green couch right now that we purchased before having children. It has seen better days, but it is holding up. Whenever we decide to buy a new couch, it will be like this charcoal couch. Beautiful!

When it's time to move, do you sell your furniture or take it with you?


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