Succumbing to the Minivan

I had a plan for my life that did not include a minivan. Ask those who know me best and they will tell you that I had no intention of becoming a stay at home mom, minivan driving, cleaning up after little people type of woman.

My goal was to become a CEO of a multi-million dollar company. I knew I would always have children, but my career would be my other child and require as much love and devotion. Driving a minivan would not fit with the status I wanted to achieve and would not earn any cool points when driving to corporate meetings or to my private jet. 

You always have an idea of what will make you happy as an adult when you are a teenager. Unknowing to me life has a way of taking your plans putting them in a blender and spinning them out of control until they are splatter on the ceiling and unrecognizable. 

This sudden change of heart happened when I was pregnant with our first baby. I still wanted to be a CEO, but I also had an equal desire to nurture and give my undivided attention to this being that I would soon hold. After all, no one could care for him like me, and no one could love him like me. I was at a crossroads and watching my plans begin to spin out of control. 

After two worry filled weeks of working and putting my son in a daycare, I took my first steps toward the minivan and being a stay at home mom. 

A few years went by and with the third child on the way, I knew it was time to buy a minivan. The lure of sliding doors, innumerable cubbies, and better gas mileage called to me. I could no longer deny I was a minivan driving mama.

It's not as bad as I thought. The convenience and space is worth losing cool mommy points. We do have a DVD player and illuminated cup holders. Does that help improve my status at all? Honestly, getting to be a mom and having a working vehicle to cart them around in is a blessing. Yay, for the minivan driving mommies!

Does the stigma of driving a minivan bother you?



  1. Absolutely does not bother me one bit...I'm very proud of my "mom-mobile"!!

    1. Every super mom needs a cool "mom-mobile"! Love it!