My New EBook: Potty Training With Less Mess and Less Stress

Potty training was one of the things I dreaded most about toddler-hood. I could handle the tantrums, the picky eating, and my child saying the word no, but I could not handle cleaning up pee every day while potty training.  

I came up with a plan to reduce the pee accidents while potty training my two boys. It was a great success, and now you can potty train with less mess too! I'm so excited about my eBook, Potty Training With Less Mess and Less Stress. It was a labor of love, and I truly hope it will help other parents who are struggling with potty training.

In my eBook are steps to potty training, a supply list, encouragement, how to deal with potty training issues, traveling with a newly potty trained child, and other bits of information that will help you stay sane during this learning process.

Please, let me know what you think about the book. You can purchase it on Amazon for $2.99, and even share it with your mommy group, family, and friends!



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