Lampshade Makeover

It feels so good to mark off projects for baby girl's room. We needed a lamp for the baby's room, and I remembered that I had a crystal lamp that my Grandmother gave me when I was a teenager. It was in the garage in a box, and my hubby dug it out and tested it to see if it still worked. It did! The lampshade was dingy, but I was able to breath new life into it with a little ribbon.

Supplies: Ribbon (I found some at Hobby Lobby that matched the baby bedding perfectly. Yay!), hot glue gun, and lampshade.

The lampshade was a plastic like material so I didn't want to glue every strip onto the shade. It melted the material a little every time I glued it down. I started at the top and glued down the ribbon along the inside metal hoop. After wrapping the ribbon around the lamp shade 4 or 5 times, I would hot glue the ribbon in place on the inside of the lamp shade along the metal loop at the top.

It took 3 rolls of ribbon to wrap the lampshade this way, but the results are fantastic! I dusted the crystal part of the lamp and attached the new and improved lampshade. The project took about 30 minutes to complete. 

Have you ever recovered a lampshade with ribbon? I've been eyeing some other lamps in our house, and they may be next. 


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  1. What a pretty little idea! Sometimes DIYs are too intense for me, but I think I can handle this one and it looks so nice. Pinning. I'm going to feature this at the next Retro Re-Pin Party on I'd love it if you stop by them and see.