Mod-Podge Cardboard Letter Project

A couple of weeks ago I missed the craft at MOPS, and the ladies at my table were nice enough to save my cardboard letter W. It was just a plain cardboard letter waiting to be beautified, and it kept staring at me like so many of my projects. I didn't want to buy any more supplies for this project, so I used things I already had in my craft drawer. The scrapbook paper was from another crafty project that didn't work out, and the paint was leftover from the front door wreath. It just so happens they match! This craft was super easy, and it turned out pretty good. 

The W now sits proudly on our mantel.

The first step is to trace the letter, and cut it out.

I laid down a large sheet of packing paper (I save way too many craft supplies) to catch any paint driblets and for the letter to lay on while drying.

It only took one coat of the acrylic paint.

I found a recipe for mod podge on Pinterest. After the paint dried on the letter, I brushed the letter with mod podge. Then, I placed the letter on top. I probably should have waited until the bottom coat dried before applying the top coat of mod podge. It made the paper too wet and it began to wrinkle. Note to self: Let the bottom coat dry before applying mod podge to the top of the scrapbook paper.

After the paper dried the wrinkles disappeared! Yay!

Including drying time, this project took about 6 hours. Assembling the project only took about 30 minutes. One project down, and who knows how many left to go.

Do you have any projects staring you in the face too?


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