Small Pantry Organization

Our To-Do List before the baby comes seems to be growing. This weekend my hubby and I tackled one of the projects on that list. We organized, sorted, and threw away about two bags worth of expired food that made up our tiny pantry.

When we moved into this rent house, we found that it didn't have a pantry. My mom made the suggestion to turn the hall coat closet into a pantry. Since it is off the kitchen, it made perfect sense and has saved our sanity. We added plastic shelves from Lowe's that snap together. They were only $25! Deal! The problem was that we haven't organized it since moving in 2.5 years ago.


 As you can see the pantry is tiny, but it gave us more space than using one of the cabinets in the kitchen.  We had baggies full of old condiments from fast food restaurants, baggies of gold fish and Cheerios, and expired this and that. The good thing is that we never cooked with the expired ingredients. They were lost behind all of the new things we bought.
 One way to save money on pantry items is to clean out the pantry. You can use items you already have that are still in date. I am going to keep up with the pantry better this time around.

After emptying all of the shelves, Kevin cleaned the shelves and I swept under the shelving unit. We purged the bad stuff and sorted the good stuff. I put like items in baskets for easy access, and the items that would not fit in baskets were put on the same shelf.

Top Shelf: Boxed Goods and Wine. 2nd Shelf: Breads, Rice, Snacks and food the kiddos eat, Half of the baking items. 3rd Shelf: Spices, Seasonings, and Baking Items. 4th Shelf: Paper Goods, Beverages, Canned Goods, and Chips. 5th Shelf: Misc Items, Cookbook and Recipe Box.

There are some really cute options for free pantry labels on Pinterest. These are a couple of my faves. 

Do you regularly organize your pantry? If so, please brag about it. If not, then please let me know I'm not the only one that waited 2.5 years. 

Marking off the to-do list,


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