Etsy: Best Toddler Boy Toys

Anyone with boys will tell you that they need to stay busy so they don't stay in trouble. Toddler boys are pretty simple creatures when it comes to entertainment. Grant it that my 2 year old loves Curious George and he loves watching his brother play on my tablet, but I prefer to have my children use their own imagination when it comes time for play. There is a time and a place for technology, but if a toy doesn't have batteries it's golden. Besides, boys make great sound effects.

1. Tents are amazing! They will keep toddler boys occupied for hours. Little ones can bring in as many toys as will fit in the tent and play. If you need a tent check out Pitter Patter Shop.

2. Wooden toys are perfect for toddler boys. They are pretty much indestructible, and with this bowling set a little one will be able to use a ball and knock things over. That is fun in the boy world. Home Grown Toys makes this adorable tower bowling set.

3. My little guy loves playing chef with his pretend food toys. He brings me his latest creation, and I enjoy pretending to eat it up. Food and kitchen toys are not just for the little toddler girls. Check out this cute toaster at Forever Afters.

4. I discovered the other day that my 2 year old loves stacking different color and different shape bowls. It kept him busy for a while. After he was done stacking them, he would put different toys in the bowls. The bowls work on motor skills and keep him happy. Yay, for simple and toys! You can find these bowls at The Little Learners

5. Puzzles are another toy where the toddler doesn't know that he is learning. I love that this puzzle can be customized with the toddler's name. Contact Puzzle People for more info on this fantastic puzzle.

6. Anything with wheels is a toy to my toddler boy. If it's a dinosaur on wheels, then it's a bonus. Imagination Kids has an array of wooden toys on wheels. 

7. One of the greatest joys of a toddler boy is knocking over something. Blocks are great for building motor skills, keeping little boy hands busy with building, and their imagination going. Back to Blocks has a great selection of blocks, and I love that it comes in a bucket.
Do you buy toys for your toddler that let him use his imagination? Share your toddler's favorite toys with us. We are always looking for ways to keep kiddos happy and playing. 


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