Friday's Fave Five

Happy Friday! What wonderful plans do you have for Valentine's Day? We went to a couple's Valentine's Day party last Friday, and it was so much fun. Today, we are giving the boys a little Valentine's Day gift. They have been looking forward to their surprise all week. While I wrap their gifts, check out this week's faves.






1. The Valentine's Party last week was so much fun. We played a couple of games from this list, and we learned who were the competitive couples of the group.
2. Do you think headbands are for women too, or just for little girls?
3. I have come to realize that shopping at the dollar store isn't so bad. Check out this list of what to buy at the dollar store.
4. Don't you love Valentine's Day crafts?
5. My little guy decided to sit beside me while watching cartoons yesterday. I could have gotten dressed and started my day while they were entertained, but I love having my children snuggle up to me. 

Have a great weekend and Valentine's Day!


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  1. Love that sweet, simple V-Day craft! And how fun that y'all hosted a V-Day party! So fun!!! Hi from the linkup! :) Hope you had a fabulous weekend, girlie!!! xx