Friday's Fave Five

Yay, for Friday! It amazes me that even though I stay home with the boys and write from the desk in my bedroom, that Fridays are still great.

What fabulous plans do you have this weekend? I am thinking a stay at home date is in order and maybe a little outing with the family. After all we have been stuck inside for the last week potty training. (P is doing great)! Check out some of my faves from this week.

Friday's Fave Five





1. A favorite's things party may be my favorite girl party now. 
2. I'm gathering ideas for a Valentine's party, and these are my inspirations. 
3. Who doesn't love saving money? 
4. After some thought, I came up with my goals for 2014. One of them was to do more with my blog. Now you can follow my facebook page. Yay!
5. So funny, not so funny story. I rarely get my nails done at a nail salon, so this past weekend I decided to treat myself to a mani. After the manicure, I went to pay and my card came back as stolen. I instantly remembered that my husband's card had been cancelled because our bank decided to issue all new cards due to the whole Target security problem. They cancelled my card as well. I asked the lady if I could call my husband and give her the card number over the phone. She said no, and I had to leave my phone with her as collateral until I came back with my husband's card. I was flying home, and within 15 minutes I was collecting my phone. I'm glad the manicure looks great, but it was not a relaxing experience. I may do my own pedi this weekend. 

Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday!


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  1. YES! I LOVE retail me not!!! And that navy blue polish is perfection! Happy weekend, lovely! xx