Chic Flower and Initial Wreath

Wreaths are so welcoming and make your house feel like a home. I wanted a wreath that could be used throughout the year when I didn't have a holiday wreath to display. I came across a picture of a wreath on Pinterest and wondered if I could duplicate it. I made one for my front door, and my friend loved it so much that she asked me to make her one. I was happy to, and wanted to share the steps to this super easy and chic wreath.

You will need the following supplies: Wooden letter, branch wreath, 4 cream mum flowers, 1 color mum flower, hot glue gun, acrylic paint, sponge paint brush, wire cutters, and clear fishing line.

I started off by painting the edges of the letter. This allowed me to get all the way around the letter without messing up the paint.

I then painted the letter and let it dry for an hour before applying the second coat of paint.

While the paint is drying, start working on the flowers.
The wreath is not very thick, so you will need to cut the flowers about 3 inches below the pedals. 
Place the flowers where you want them, and then cut off any extra stem that pokes out on the bottom side of the wreath. 

After placing the flowers where you want them, hot glue the top of the stem (underneath the pedals) to the wreath. Hold for about 30 seconds to set.

The flowers should be wedged into the wreath enough that they will not move. If you think they will fall out even after hot gluing them, secure them with floral wire.

The last step is the most tedious, but necessary. The letter would not stay on the wreath with just hot glue. I tied the letter on the wreath with clear fishing line. To ensure the letter would not shift, I tied it on the top, bottle, and the middle curve. The knot is on the underside of the wreath. 
That's it! You have a fabulous wreath to hang on your front door, and it is perfect for any season.

Happy Crafting,


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