A Life Consumed with Trains

Everyone told me that life with boys is just different. I knew it would be since there were only little girls in my house when growing up. People can only warn you about what you can expect, but the rest must be experienced.

Boys love anything with wheels, to jump, wrestle, and talk. Apparently drama starts in boys at a very young, but I've heard they grow out of it. We will see. For now, I happily know all the names of the Thomas and Friends. I have come to love Dinosaur Train and Curious George.

There are times when I would much rather write or do something responsible, but one of the boys will place a train in my hand and ask me to play with him. Honestly, I don't stop what I am doing enough to play with them. These times will be slipping away soon, and the faster time goes by the more I want to say 'to heck with the housework' and play all day with my baby boys.

For now my life is consumed with trains, and I am still learning to let go of what I think is important and see the bigger picture. I can write when they are asleep. I can fold clothes while they watch Curious George. Hopefully I will learn this lesson, and play with my babies more and more every day.

Do you have trouble letting go of responsibility, household chores, things you want to do so you can play with your children? Are you the kind of mom that plays first and tends to the house later?

A work in progress,



  1. I struggle constantly with this but always feel so good after a game of candy land with my girls!

    1. You are so right. After I take the time to play with the boys I notice a difference in them and me.