Last Minute Halloween Tips

Ghosts, goblins, and little princesses will be walking door to door asking for candy to satisfy their sweet tooth. Halloween was never big in our house when we were growing up, but now that I have children it is fun to see them dressed up. My oldest son has been asking how many days until we go ask for candy. Ha!

Photo by Rachel Bobbitt

Halloween is all about the kiddos, and here are a few last minute tips to keep things fun, festive, and safe.

1. Leave the risqué costumes for your adult only parties. When answering the door for trick or treaters please look modest and not too gory.
2. If your child is not old enough to walk and you go door to door; we know the candy is for you. I don't blame you, but honestly?
3. Sometimes it is difficult to tell what age to stop trick or treating. The general rule of thumb is to leave the candy for the children 12 and under.
4. If you have candy to pass out, don't forget to leave your porch light on.
5. The sun is setting quickly these days. Carry a flashlight, put glow in the dark necklaces or bracelets, and reflectors on your little ones.
6. If you cannot go trick or treating with your kiddos send them with a responsible adult. Never let your child go alone.
7. Last year we decided to go to a community trunk or treat. The line was one and a half hours long and most of the cars were out of candy by the time we got to them. Never again!
8. Stick with neighborhoods that you know and feel safe walking in.
9. This is a great opportunity for your little ones to practice saying thank you and please. You might even talk about stranger danger.
10. Take lots of pictures!

I hope you have a safe, festive, and candy filled Halloween!


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