How Dirty Fans Get Clean

Once again I am sharing something embarrassing, but I guess everyone with a fan deals with this at some point. Dirty fans! Our fans are on 24/7 during the hot summers here in Texas. You would think that something moving constantly wouldn't get dirty, but that is not the case. There is a simple way to clean your fans without getting the dust all over your carpet, bed, or couches.

Of course, turn your fans off. No Band-Aids, please.  

Place a clean (old) pillow case over the fan blade. Gather the opening of the pillowcase and slide the pillowcase toward the end of the fan blade. Repeat for all the fan blades.

All of the dust stays in the pillowcase and not on your furniture or floors.

Once the fan blades are clean, you can use a dust rag to clean the rest of the fan. Yay, for only cleaning the dust up once!
Happy Cleaning,

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