Etsy: Wedding Centerpieces

Wedding reception centerpieces set the theme of your wedding. They convey the color scheme and give insight into the style of the bride. Am I making you nervous yet? There is no need to shy away from expressing your personal style at the wedding reception. Many designers offer beautiful and affordable centerpieces for your nuptial celebration.

Don't you want to sit at this table? It's welcoming, and I love that the centerpiece by RDC Design is low enough that the guest can see each other from across the table. 

This is my absolute favorite, if I were playing favorites. Edie S Chic Crafts gives the table a whimsical feel with this gorgeous tea cup centerpiece. 

I had to take a closer look at this centerpiece by Posh Studios.  It is paper origami, and it is beautiful! The detail is amazing, and you could use it for the bridal shower as well.

If you are having a rustic reception in a gorgeous barn setting, then these birch bark candles from My Garden Gate would look fantastic.

Sometimes, something so simple can look beautiful. It doesn't matter what color your wedding is (except maybe ivory), these milk glass vases from Vintage Biff Ann would add a vintage feel.

Majestic Silk Flowers makes this festive centerpieces. For brides planning a holiday wedding, this would be a great alternative to the traditional red and green.

Elegance doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. CR Dezines offers beautiful candle holders for your wedding reception.
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