Patching a Tear in Your Couch Cushion

It is terribly embarrassing to show holes and tears in my couch cushion, but I'm sure I'm not the only one. We purchased this sofa and love seat set years before we had children, and the material isn't really family friendly. However, we need to stretch the life of this couch a little bit longer before we replace it. The cushions are very comfortable, and I may have to find a way to just re-upholster the set. Okay, maybe I'll save up and get new ones.

My couches have a tweed like material as the upholstery. This looks great, but it is not the strongest or most durable type of material for a couch. As a result, it frays and it leaves nothing to sew together.

 I cut the stray pieces of thread. 
The material for the patch is felt, and a matching color to my couch. Since the couch has so many different color threads, I chose the most dominate color. The patch should be just longer than the hole. Place the patch underneath the torn upholstery. 

Start by placing the needle on corner of the tear. Do an over and under stitch on the one side of the tear. 

I had to go 1/4 inch out from the tear because the edge of the tear was frayed. 

After the first side was completed, I turned the cushion around to finish the other side. I tucked in the rest of the patch. This time I pulled the upholstery as tight as I could, and continued the over and under stitch.  

After the patching was complete, I reinforced the corner with three knots.  

I know it isn't the prettiest fix, but it should hold until I can buy new furniture or re-upholster. The good news is I can flip the cushion over, so the patchwork is on the bottom. 

If you have repaired your couch cushions, I would love any tips you found useful. 

Happy Sewing,


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