Work From Home Businesses for Moms

Being a work from home mom is one of the best decisions I ever made. J was only in daycare for 2 weeks before I decided this was not for us. We didn't make enough money to live on one income, but I was willing to sacrifice to stay at home with my baby. For at least 4 years I researched stay at home businesses until I was blue in the face.

I finally decided that event planning was the right choice for me. It came easy to me, and I enjoyed it. The problem was, I only enjoyed the planning process and not attending the parties. So after a lot of discussions with my husband, going back and forth a thousand times, I decided to put my English degree to work and go after my writing career. It was what I went to college for and I love it. Finding something you love to do is half the battle. Turning it into a business is the other half.

Hopefully this list of stay-at-home-mom friendly businesses will inspire you to make an income at home doing something you enjoy while staying at home with your children.

Internet Based Businesses:
Writing: It may sound generic, but writing can be specialized. Copywriting, articles, ebooks, blogging, newsletters, web content, and so much more. An English or Journalism degree will work best for this type of freelance.

Graphic design: One of the easiest professions to do with children is design. At times your only correspondence with the client will be by email. You can work for clients, sell your designs on Etsy and all from the comfort of your home. You will need a Communications or Marketing degree for this profession.

Etsy: Selling homemade, crafting supplies, and vintage items has never been easier. If you are the creative type that likes working with your hands, then give Etsy a try. Turn your hobby into a money making machine.

Craigslist: I have had good success with selling on Craigslist. Reserve your big items for this sight. Furniture, tools, kid's items, etc sell well.

eBay: After selling all of the large items on Craigslist, go through your closets and sell all the small items you are no longer using. You will accomplish two things at once. Cleaning out the house and making some extra cash. If you find you enjoy selling items online, then start an eBay or Amazon store.

Accounting/Bookkeeping: If you are great with numbers and have a degree in accounting then you should look at starting a CPA business. Check your local area for regulations on starting this business.

Virtual Assistant: There are so many businesses that need help with the daily duties of running a business. The beauty of this type of work is that you can preform most of the tasks on your computer, and every business can be a potential client. You will need the ability to take phone calls for certain clients.

Social Media Management: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + and many other types of social media rule the internet. Businesses want their piece of the action, and many do not have the time to manage these sites. Cash in with your savvy social media skills.

Tutor: This one can be included on both lists. If you are teaching someone in Mongolia to speak English then you can do tutoring online and via the phone. Having a degree and/or a teaching certificate is best for this business.

Virtual Event Planning: Virtual says it all. Many businesses and individuals need someone to connect them with vendors, contract negotiation, and come up with event design ideas. You will not have to attend the event or manage the party, but you will need to be available during the time of the event in case a vendor does not show.

Life Coach: This is another business that can be listed in both categories. I know a life coach that uses Skype to hold his coaching sessions. If you are great at helping people work their way through issues, have a good internet connection, a quiet place to have the session, and of course the credentials, then this is the business for you.

Translator: There are some start up companies that are connecting live translators with people across the globe. You will need a phone, of course. You can also translate documents if you do not want to carry a phone with you everywhere. There is a huge demand for translators in the freelance market.

Embroidery: One mom I know sells personalized embroidery items on Etsy. She has two little girls and another baby on the way. You will need the equipment and an Etsy shop or website to start selling.

Painter: I am not talking about painting the outside of houses. Although you could do that. Sell your masterpieces on Etsy, your own website, or eBay. You can also paint murals for churches, doctor's offices, homes, etc. Pick up your brush and start a website with examples of your work.

Work From Home Businesses that also require some face time with the client:
Photography: Taking pictures on the weekends might work out best for you and your clients.

Sewing Lessons: If you are a wizard at the sewing machine, then consider giving lessons out of your home, in a client's home, or a city sponsored class.

Tailor/Mending: Have you ever tried on pants that were too long, and you were able to hem them? Consider running a tailoring/mending business out of your sewing room. Tailors always stay busy.

Baked Goods: Since you are home already, and you have Great Aunt Susie's winning recipe, why not start a baked good business. You can sell cookies, cupcakes, pumpkin bread, tamales, roasted chicken, or anything else you can cook on Etsy, farmer's markets, store fronts, etc.

Baby Sitting: Since you are taking care of your own children during the day, why not add a couple more? If you want to give all of your attention to your babies, then consider baby sitting on the weekends, nights, or do a mother's day out program in your home. Many parents do not have family or anyone they can trust to watch their children. Offering a baby sitting service for parents to go out on a date may be your ticket to some extra cash.

Swim Instructor: Many communities have their own pool. You can talk to the HOA to see if you can hold swim lessons in the community pool during the summer. If you have your own pool, you can offer lessons from home.

Tutor: Students are always in need of a tutor. It doesn't matter if you are in an affluent neighborhood or in a poverty stricken area. There are always students that need one on one time with school work.

Event/Wedding Planner: Most of this business can be done online and from home. You will need to meet with the client a few times to go over event and wedding details. Also, attending the event/wedding is a must in this business. Your weekends will be full, but so will your pocket book.

CPR Instructor: Becoming a certified CPR instructor will allow you the opportunity to hold classes in your home, community centers, and some medical facilities. Consider teaming up with a swim instructor.

Doula: Having a baby at home or using a doula in the hospital is on the rise. If you love the birthing process, helping new moms through this stage, and don't mind some all nighters, then consider running a doula practice.

Rent Out Thing in Your Home: Car, Room, Garage, Storage, Tools, etc. Put the things that are just laying around your house to good use. Rent out space or items by the day or week. Make sure you have an agreement signed before you hand over your valuables.

Estate Sales: Some of us just love to haggle and hold garage sales. You can help others liquidate their estates by holding estate sales. The profits are usually split 70/30 between the owner and the estate sale specialist. In this business you take the garage sale to a whole new level, but you also reap the profits.

Life Coach: Most of your sessions can be over the phone or Skype, but sometimes you will need to meet your client in person. Make sure you have the required licenses before you start.

Bed & Breakfast: This is a step up from offering a room for rent. If you have a basement or an upper floor that you have not grown into yet, consider renting out the rooms for travelers. Offer a delicious breakfast and comfy place to stay, and you will make your home earn money for you.

Pet Sitter: Pet lovers will love this business. Watch pets in your home while you watch your children play. If you are renting a house or apartment, check the lease agreement. You may be restricted on pet sitting if you are a renter.

Farmer: For those with a green thumb, start a small backyard farm. Sell the produce at your local farmers market during the weekends, and reap the benefits.

Hair Stylist: Salons are busy on the weekends, and you can be as well. Offer haircuts, color, and styling on the weekends. Rent out a space with another styling mom or use an extra room in your own home.

Cleaning Services: Doctor offices, corporate offices, and churches need someone to clean during the night after every one heads home. Cleaning at night can offer additional income and still provide you time at home with your children during the day.

Organizer: Despite having children, everything in your house has a place. Then you may want to consider being a professional organizer. Take all the junk, I mean belongs in other people's homes and organize it. Find a place for everything, and help others live a not so cluttered life.

Use your imagination, and earn extra income while staying at home with your children. It can be done, and it is worth every crazy minute. I understand that there are some moms that enjoy or have to work outside the home. I applaud you for working full time and running a household. It isn't easy. For those of us that choose to stay home or it is more cost effective to stay home, try your hand at one of these businesses for adding cash flow to your home. Let me know how it goes.


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