Garage Sale Season

Yes, I know it is blazing hot outside. But, there is a good reason we are having a garage sale in July. My sister and her husband are moving, and they need to downsize. It wouldn't hurt for us to downsize some either. So as I prepare for the scores of people that will flock to pay us top dollar for our treasure, let me share a few of my favorite garage sale tips.

*Go through the house and put all the things you want to sell in a box or in one place.
*Mark the prices with a sticker clearly on the item before the day of your garage sale.
*Put pictures of your items on Craigslist at least a week in advance. I blitz Craigslist with 3 listings the week before a garage sale.
*Get the necessary permits from the city where you are having the garage sale.
*If you are not sure what price to mark your items, then do a little reconnaissance a couple of weekends before. Check out craigslist to see what items are selling for.
*Use signs that are big enough to read. People will follow arrows rather than look up the address as they are driving. (Well, there might be some crazy ones that dodge traffic while looking up an address.)
*Prepare to haggle. Start a little higher on your pricing than you want to settle for in the end.
*Check to see if there is a service in your area or a person that will come and pick up your leftover items after the garage sale is done. They will take the items off your hands, and you will get a little cash for something that would sit in your garage for another year.
*Go to the bank and get change. A roll of quarters, at least $20 in ones, $20 in fives, and you should be good. If you are selling bigger ticket items, then plan on having more change and a bigger variety of denominations.
*If at all possible, hang up the clothing.
*Use tables to put your small items on. People do not like looking on the ground for their new found treasure.
*Have a box with $0.25 goodies. This will save you some time pricing all of the McDonald's toys you are getting rid of.
*Prepare for early customers. I always advertise that the garage sale will start at 8am, but people always show up early. Having everything marked and in the garage will make start time go smooth.

Good luck with your garage sale. I am hoping ours will be a huge success as well.


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