Rainy Day Activities for Kids

It's the season for storms, rain, and blooming flowers. Outside my window it is pouring and the wind is howling. Thankfully we are nice and dry inside the house. My two boys will not last long without something to occupy their time on this wet spring day. This list of rainy day activities may help you stay sane and the kids from getting restless.

Build a Tent
Painting with q-tips 
Hop Scotch
Hide and Seek
Movie and Snacks
Read books together and then do an activity that goes with the book.
Make a craft
Put the kids to work (vacuum, dust, empty the dishwasher, etc)
Color butterflies or planes and hang them from the ceiling with fishing line.
Make a wind chime
Make a Caterpillar
Make Robot Noises in a Fan
Play restaurant (kids use books to pretend they are menus, and you are the waitress)
Play Music and Dance
Play I Spy
Play Mother May I
Red Light Green Light (if you have the space)
Tissue Paper Art (have them tear pieces of tissue paper and glue it to card stock)
Paint a Wooden Train (I found some in the party section at Target)

If you have some rainy day activities to add to the list, please do so in the comments. I would love to hear how you keep your little ones busy.



  1. Thanks for the list. I'd love to have you link this to What to do Weekends Party also. Linda


    1. Thanks for the invite to the link party. :-)