Knife Block Makeover

We have had this same knife block since we were married almost 12 years ago. It was time for this puppy to get an upgrade. My kitchen is done in red, black, and a touch of white, and this blond wood knife block was putting a damper on the kitchen décor. It was super easy to do, and it would have only taken me a couple of days if I had not forgotten (for a week) to apply the finishing touches.

The block was smooth and I didn't need to sand it. I sprayed the block with a primer and let dry over night. Use a well ventilated location for spray painting. 

Folk Art Fire Engine Red was the color of choice, and it only took 2 coats. I let this dry over night as well. The paint dries fairly quickly, so you could do the 2 coats in one day.

After allowing the paint to completely dry, I applied a spray on sealer. After it dried, the knives were ready to go back in the knife block.
This project was simple and not very time consuming. Do you give upgrades to your objects in your kitchen? Would you use a bold color as an accent in your kitchen?

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