Mommy and Son Date

J overheard Kevin and I talking about going on a date and needing alone time. He wanted to go on a date as well, and it made me think that it's time for us to start having Mommy & Son dates. Have you taken your child on a date?

Monday was our first ever date together, and we had a great time. J had been begging to go play on the train table at Barnes & Noble. Malls are usually not the place to take little boys for dates, but the mall close to our house is a child's dream.

The ice cream had to include cherries, and the lady behind the counter gave J two. He was thrilled.

We went to  B&N to play on the train table. He was pretty good about sharing the trains with the other children.

There is a Lego store in the mall. What boy doesn't love building things?

J picked out his own horse to ride on the carousel. Gracious, this boy is getting so big. 

We will have to make the Mommy and Son date a regular thing. I am looking forward to taking P on our first date as well.


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