Antiques on McKinney Square

This past weekend, I found myself with a little alone time after my haircut. Since the salon was in the middle of an antiquer's Heaven, I decided to see what treasures awaited. The McKinney Square is a wonderful place to get ideas and design inspiration. The prices are inflated well above retail, but I love to look and see how I can copy the ideas for much, much less.  These are some of my great finds on Saturday.

 Our bed sits high, and the night stands we have now look miniature up to it. This tiny, but tall desk caught my eye. Maybe it would be a great alternative for a nightstand? (minus the stool) 

The bright, caution cone orange tea set was stunning. It had a vintage feel with a modern twist. 

I was drawn to this enormously tall chest of drawers. It had to be over 6 ft tall, and it was awesome. The storage would be wonderful for a crafting room.

 Turquoise, turquoise, turquoise! I have been obsessed lately.

Do you go window shopping at antique stores for inspiration? Isn't it so much fun?


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