Ultimate Get Well Package

The weather is having trouble deciding if it is done with Old Man Winter, and our allergies are paying the price.  Since we have become accustomed to where the medications are in the drug store, I thought it would be nice to put together a get well kit. These items are sure to put a smile on the face of a friend and make her feel better despite what ails.

1. Campbell's soup must have magic powers. It never sounds good except when I am sick, and it makes me feel warm and on the mend whenever I have a bowl.
2. Puff's tissues are the softest tissues I have tried. After all the sneezing, the nose will thank you.
3. You've Got Mail is a classic and it has a scene where she gets sick. It's the type of movie that makes you feel good about life.
4. Daises are a happy flower. If you have You've Got Mail, then you need daises too.
5. Blankets are a must in the Get Well Package. It doesn't matter if it is 103 degrees outside. If you have a cold, then you need a cuddly blanket to make it all better. 
6. Redbook magazine is one of my favorites, but you can put whatever magazine you like best. 

I would include some medication in the package, but everyone is different. Ask your friend or family what they need from the store before sending the package. Getting a Get Well Package in the mail or dropped off at the door is a wonderful way to show you care. 

Get Well Soon,


This is not a paid endorsement or advertisement. 

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