Pinterest Pass and Fail

Pinterest is one of the largest resources of how to's, crafts, recipes, advice, fashion, and pretty much anything else I have a question about. I have tried a few dozen tricks and recipes from Pinterest. Some pins were big hits, and others were epic fails. Here are some of the pins on my Pinterest pass and fail list.

Pecan Sandies Recipe by Buns In My Oven
Pass: Pecan sandies are great cookies when you want something sweet that is not chocolaty. My husband followed the recipe, and these cookies turned out great. They are actually better than the store bought pecan sandies. I can't wait to have them again.

Fail: I followed the instructions for making my nails dry after applying the polish. I was really hoping this pin would work. My nails take forever to dry, and I was looking for a fast solution. This was not it. I applied the nail polish, and waited a few minutes. I sprayed them with the Pam Cooking Spray and wiped it off. My nail polish smeared when I wiped off the cooking spray. It was a good thing I only sprayed it on one nail.

Gouda Sauce Recipe by Healthy Food for Living
Pass: Wow! Gouda sauce for sweet potato fries is awesome. I have never devoured sweet potato fries so quickly in all my life. Again, Kevin made this recipe and said it was fairly easy to make. I went back for seconds on this recipe. We are thinking it would be a great Velveeta substitute on broccoli. Note: We tried it on a baked sweet potatos, and it wasn't as good. This is definitely better with the fries.

Fail: Sometimes trying to have a healthy dessert backfires in your face. The recipe seemed easy, and we had all the ingredients in the pantry. Epic Fail! It ended up being runny and gooey.  I had to try the finished product, but it was like eating  really greasy peanut butter putty. If you are going to have peanut butter cookies then put the good stuff in it, and only eat 2 at a time.

Do you have pins that you love and hate? Let me know your favorite pins and the ones to stay away from.

Happy Pinning,


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