Vintage Trains and Smiles

As a woman, I have never been enthralled with trains. Sure they are cool to look at, and I would not mind taking a trip in one. With the addition of two marvelous boys into our family, I have become educated  in all things train. Now every time I see a train, hear it coming, or see a picture of one, I have to stop and show my boys. I get excited seeing their little faces light up at the sight of a train going by. It is one of the joys of being a parent that cannot compare to anything else in life.

While looking through an antique store last Saturday, I saw these trains and instantly thought of my boys. It is funny how making them happy in turn brings me joy. This may seem very deep for a post about trains, but I am learning that it is not about me, and all about them.

Do you find yourself on the lookout for what makes your child smile? What can your child talk about for hours upon hours.

Happy Parenting,


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