Pinterest Challenge

Are you up for a bit of a challenge? Janssen from Everyday Reading has issued a 6 week Pinterest Challenge. Every week we will tackle a pin and write about how the project went. There are a gazillion crafts, activities, home decor ideas, recipes, and cleaning tips that call to me. I have done some of them, but now I have an excuse to try more.

We are on a limited budget, but I already have the supplies for theses pins on my board. Join the challenge and write about how your Pinterest Challenge turned out.

Here are my pins.

1. Cleaning the dust off of your fake flowers is made easy.
2. My oldest son wants to learn to write his letters. This should be a great project to do together.
3. If you have seen my site, you know the photography is not the best. The challenge will include learning how to take better digital photos.
4. Crafting for the holidays are so much fun. Easter is the next holiday, and this craft will be fun and festive.
5. Rolled up grilled cheese. Need I say more?
6. I have had all the supplies to make this letter wreath for my front door. Now it will get done.

Happy Pinning,



  1. I LOVE that Easter bouquet. What a fun centerpiece!

    1. Me too! I am looking forward to the Pinterest Challenge. It's a great idea!