Importance of Mommy Time

Before I had children, I thought that there would be no need for breaks and quiet, alone time. After all, I was going to be super mom. The house would be spotless, the children would be happy and well behaved, and my husband would sing of my praises. Apparently God heard my thoughts and gave me a baby that would humble me.

My oldest child had sever acid re-flux and I had to hold him upright after each bottle for 45 minutes. Needless to say, I rarely got any sleep and often had to change my clothing several times a day because of all the spit up. The house was not spotless and I was so tired. More times than not I was crying from lack of sleep and frustration.

I quickly learned why it takes a village to raise a child. The mommy needs a break. Every mommy needs some me time to regroup and be refreshed.
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5 Reasons to have Alone Time

1. You know what is best for your children, and they may rely on you for everything. But they need a break from you too.

2. Your husband needs to come home to a happy and peaceful home. Your household's attitude is reflected in your behavior. If you take the time for some "me time" and relax on a regular basis, your household will have a better attitude as well.

3. You need time with other adults. Taking time to be with your girlfriends and go on dates with your hubby, is vital to your sanity. If every time you are in the shower you sing the theme song to your child's favorite cartoon, then you need some adult time.

4. You need to practice or find what makes you tick as a person. Being a mother is extremely fulfilling, but we are so much more than a caretaker of children. We have interest, hobbies, and a creative side that needs to be nourished and let out of the cage on a regular basis. Many times I felt like I was worthless other than being a mother. After I had children my identity was lost in them, and I no longer existed as a person with interests or creativity. Get out by yourself and do what makes you happy, what gives you an identity beyond motherhood, and gives you an outlet. Being a mother is the greatest joy and responsibility that a woman can have, but you are an individual that has an identity as well.

5. When you take care of yourself, you take better care of everyone in your home. You have a different outlook on life, and you actually want to be around your family when you come back.

Please, stop and ask for a break once a week. Take a couple of hours or a little longer just for you. It will be worth it. Do you take regular time out away from the kiddos and the house?


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