Flower and Vase Craft

Finding boy appropriate crafts isn't always easy, but most crafts can be made to fit either gender. My son loves flowers, so I suggested we make a vase and put paper flowers in them. He was excited about the craft, and he put a fun, boy twist on it.

Empty and clean can
Pen or Pencil
Pipe Cleaners

1. Measure the can's height and circumference. Cut out the paper to the measurements of the can. Have your child draw pictures and color the paper. My son wanted a boat, train, beach ball, sea shells, lady bugs, etc on the paper. I drew it for him, and he colored it.

2. After he finishes coloring, take the paper and wrap it around the can. Tape along the seam to secure.

3. On another piece of paper draw flowers and let your child color them. After he has finished coloring the flowers, cut them out. In the center of each flower cut a tiny slit so the pipe cleaner can go through.

4. Place the piper cleaner through the flower and twist the pipe cleaner into a circle. This will hold the flower in place.

5. Fill the vase with his beautiful flowers.

This craft would be great for Mother's Day, Grandparents' Day, Teacher's gift, or for a birthday. You could even attach a card to it, and give the craft as a get well soon card. What crafts do you do with your son?

Happy Crafting,


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