Prepping for Christmas in November

Oh My Goodness! Can you believe that Christmas is next month? There always seems to be a gazillion things to do for the holidays. Since J will be 4 this Christmas, I want to do crafts, bake cookies, and make a ton of memories with the boys. There are a few things we can do in advance to help make the hectic month of December less stressful.
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This Christmas we are hosting at our house, so the prep work takes on a whole new meaning. Here is my list.

*Clean out the refrigerator.
*Make double batches of dinner, divide in half, and then freeze one half. Use these leftovers in December for quick go to, healthy meals.
*Christmas shopping early.
*Deep clean the house. Windows, floorboards, shampoo the carpets, etc.
*If you are doing a picture for Christmas cards this year, then go ahead and take the seasonal pictures.
*Christmas cards can be written out, addressed, and stamped. Mail by the end of November.
*Make a list of the crafts you want to do in December with the kids (or just by yourself). Purchase all the supplies at one time and assign craft days throughout the month. Be realistic with this one. One craft a week is plenty.
*Have all the necessary provisions for your guests stocked up.
*Get your haircut (and colored if needed) this month.

Take your to do list and set due dates on your calendar. This will help you not feel overwhelmed and the most pertinent things will get done on time.

Do you have any time saving advice? I would love hear what you do to plan for the holidays.

Happy Holidays,


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